Say what you mean
And mean what you say WITHOUT being MEAN when you say it.

Are there PowerPhrases after retirement?!
Yes – and oh my! they are soulful.

Hiatus 2016

It was a good year to withdraw. No – I’m not talking about Afghanistan, though it probably would have been a good time for that too. I’m talking about pressing pause and taking a hiatus from my SpeakStrong platform....

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Ensoulment Interruptus

“So THAT’S what happened!” Tina exclaimed. There is nothing quite like ideas that turn the lights on for your inner experience. The book “Trauma and the Soul” did that for me. And there is nothing like having conversations with...

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Continued Questing

Why didn’t I say that? I ponder. Why didn’t I just ask the question?  These are honest investigations – not reflexive efforts to self-flagellate. My quest continues. I’m still finding my voice after all these years. As the fog...

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Good Faith PowerPhrases

I was so naïve. You can argue in good faith that the number in the picture is a 6 and you can argue in good faith that the number is a 9 IF that’s what you see and believe....

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Repeated Repetition

I’m married to a very good man who does have some irritating habits. (He is married to a very good woman who also has some irritating habits.) Since Covid, we have defused a hundred communication landmines and clarified another...

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Outspoken on Outpost

I am impressed by the kiddos – especially the young gals – on Outpost Road. I don’t recall being this confident and comfortable and outspoken with adults while growing up. Some neighbors had allowed folks to access the trails...

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1 thought on “Speak Strong”

  1. Leslie Rutherford

    Received your book “Power Phrases,” 10 days ago at a conference. Wow! Just digging into it, and it’s so helpful and refreshing! Thank you.

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