How to Restore Sanity to Our Political Conversations

Reasonable Responses, Constructive Comebacks, and Powerful Phrases

Stop arguing and start communicating about politics!

Restore-Sanity-Political-Conv 300HHow to Restore Sanity to Our Political Conversations was written from my own need to be able to respond effectively when conversations turn both political and personal. Writing it empowered myself, and reading it will inspire you to have dynamic conversations rather than futile squabbles when talk with family, neighbors, and friends turns political.

I guide readers to defuse explosive emotions and turn angry tirades into productive dialogue. How to Restore Sanity to Our Political Conversations contains practical advice and wisdom for the average citizen who has opinions – or is around people with opinions – about current events.

This timely book is not for politicians or pundits like O’Reilly, Beck, Maddow, Obama, Palin, or Pelosi – behind their podiums and on their stages. It is for anyone with opinions to share – at the kitchen table, in the office, on Facebook, at the gym, and in the carpool. Yes, you can talk about politics … after you’ve read this book!


Book Quote:

“Blame them and you are a victim. Learn how to respond and you are empowered.”

Reader Review

It seems that one cannot discuss governance and civic duty without entering a political minefield. But there’s good news! Meryl Runion’s book helps citizens to navigate those mines, find relatively safe ground, and have productive discussions about political issues and leadership. Empower yourself to defuse and discuss! –AEBlackwell


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