MP3 Audiobook: PowerPhrases Amplified

PPAmplifiedSay What You Mean, Mean What You Say, Get What You Want

Get an in-depth understanding of Power Phrases. We’re talking six hours of informative and entertaining communication training. 

PowerPhrases Amplified provides countless stories and illustrations of how PowerPhrases work in action. You will walk away with practical and priceless solutions you can use right now.

You’ll WANT to listen again and again. That’s how change happens – through repetition, repetition, repetition. (Shall I say that again?) Repetition helps information and new ways of thinking get deep into your consciousness. You’ll find yourself practicing skills you didn’t know you had.

 Discover how to:

  • Avoid “Poison Phrases” that are ineffective or backfire
  • Perfect the connection – quickly when seconds count
  • Disagree without being disagreeable yourself
  • Apologize sincerely without groveling
  • Get others to speak freely and openly
  • Say “no” with grace, tact, and resolve
  • Make your opinion matter most
  • Ask so you will receive

I was surprised as to how much information was on this set. If you are into self-help and speaking types of products, you will enjoy this especially because it’s so well done. She has a great take on empowering yourself to speak up. Is the material new? Somewhat. Is her take on it fresh and encouraging? Absolutely! – Douglas Figueredo

 MP3 Download: $39.95

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Also available in CD format for $62.96

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