The Quick Start Communication Transformation BOOK Package

Build Your Communication Skills
from the INSIDE out

QS-Communication-Package 300W

Where do you start to build your communication skills? Here! This book package gives you the foundation you need for immediate change. Build your communication savvy from the inside out.This package include:

  • PowerPhrases! – Book by Meryl Runion Rose – 320 pages Learn the principles of powerful communication

    PowerPhrases! was my first book. I updated and expanded it several years after its release. It’s your best source of PowerPhrase principles, communication formulas and specific office and business phrasing advice. Many people tell me they use it as a reference book.

  • How to Use PowerPhrases – Book by Meryl Runion Rose – 250 pages Easy to read conversational guide of how to communicate at work and at home.

    How to Use PowerPhrases was my second book. It’s more conversational and experiential than PowerPhrases! It’s shorter and an easier read. You can use it as a reference book when problems arise, but it’s designed more to illustrate PowerPhrases in action.

  • SpeakStrong – Book by Meryl Runion Rose – 320 pages Learn the skills that make PowerPhrases possible!

    SpeakStrong teaches the skills behind the PowerPhrases. It provides a foundation to enable you to develop your emotional IQ and to create your own phrases. It tells you how to say what you mean and mean what you say, without being mean when you say it. SpeakStrong gives you the “secrets” I apply to create my PowerPhrases.

All three for $45.00
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