What got you started with The SpeakSTRONG Method?

Devastation got me started. I was used to going with the flow and ignoring my own thoughts, feelings and wishes. When my late husband got cancer 25 years ago and I was not able to penetrate his denial, I became a woman on a mission. I pledged to learn the skills I needed to be able to speak up and have difficult conversations when needed.

It quickly became clear that the skills I was developing were skills many people need. I started teaching and systemitizing my approach. Many teach communication skill to persuade and even manipulate. I discovered a real need to empower the voices of people who care about integrity.

What is unique about The SpeakSTRONG Method of communication?

We aspire to a very high level of communication that balances mind, heart and will. It is character-based, but also focuses on results. We go beyond expediency, and even beyond effectiveness to transformation. We seek the opportunity in every problem, address communication challenges at the source, commit to our word being our bond – and also celebrate the beauty of well-spoken words.

How do PowerPhrases fit into The SpeakSTRONG Method?

PowerPhrases are short, specific, targeted expressions that say what you mean and mean what you say without being mean when you say it. In the six steps of the SpeakStrong Method, PowerPhrases carry the message. They are designed to help you express your deepest meaning in the most eloquent way possible.

Isn’t the use of prepared phrases phony?

It can be, depending on how you use them. If you choose a phrase based on expediency, or self-interest that ignores human impact, it is phony. If you can speak a prepared phrase sincerely, it’s not phony at all. 

I found in my years of helping people find the perfect words, that the words I offer resonate deeply. Finding the words that accurately reflect the depth of someone’s message allows them to be authentic in ways they couldn’t be without the support. 

I encourage you to adapt my phrases to match your circumstance and style. I also provide extensive tools to help you create your own phrases. 

What do you mean when you say the SpeakSTRONG Method is Character-based Communication?

The method incorporates noble qualities. I’ve summarized this by saying that the HEART of a Character-based Communicator is: Honesty, Eloquence, Accountability, Responsiveness and Transformation. It’s a joy to speak with people who display those qualities. 

Where do I start?

Browse the site. You can read my articles and blog posts to get a sense of what The SpeakStrong Method is all about. I have several books and other resources in my store. My SpeakSTRONG book helps readers develop their own phrases. Many people use PowerPhrases as a reference guide. Other books address specific situations such as management, leadership development and performance reviews.

Feel free to contact me to talk about what I can help you say today, and how I can help you say it. 

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