Training: The SpeakStrong Method for Dynamic Leadership Development

A one or two-day training program for mentors, leaders, emerging leaders and anyone who wants to develop the leadership potential of others

by the author of Perfect Phrases for Leadership Development

In today’s economy, no organization or individual has the luxury of sitting on potential, pandering to misguided directives or complying when situations call for a sharp change in direction. Leadership is needed at every level of the organization – and the communication skill needs to be at an executive level no prods-books leadership-devmatter who is talking. 

The SpeakStrong Method for Dynamic Leadership Development provides the foundation, the tools and techniques to develop dynamic leadership skills at every level of the organization.  

Dynamic executive communication and leadership requires being decisive while being humble.

It requires being a visionary while being pracitical.

It requires being a pioneer while being a sustainer.

It requires being strategic while being humanitarian.

It requires being a communicator while being a listener.

It requires being a mentor while being a student.

It requires being a diplomat while being candid.

It requires being a politician and a statesman.

Dynamic leaders develop other dynamic leaders.  

This intensive one or two-day dynamic leadership training program begins by providing the foundation of leadership at any level – effective communication skills. The SpeakStrong Method provides the basis for continuous communication improvement required to excel in any area. 

The SpeakStrong Method is based on universal principles of effective communication with practical applications and specific phrases for the challenges of today’s business world. It is lean-aligned and kata-based for continuous communication improvement. It provides the tools to collaborate without compromise – as needed to lead in this fast-changing world.

Get the tools you need to effectively lead in today’s business world, no matter where you are on any organizational chart.

Who is this for?

Leaders and emerging leaders and anyone who can benefit by increasing their influence and developing adaptiveness.

Key points include how to:

  • Redirect efforts without stifling creativity
  • Boost employee autonomy
  • Bring out the potential in others
  • Ignite energy and enthusiam
  • Develop decision-making ability
  • Foster collaborative ability
  • Develop change champions

And much more. 


The SpeakStrong Method is aligned with Mike Rother’s approach to improvement and his codification of Toyota’s Improvement Kata in his book “Toyota Kata”. Toyota Kata systematizes Toyota’s method of improving, adapting and innovating. Like Rother’s methodology, SpeakStrong builds new habits through repeated practice of new routines that lead to excellence.


Agenda available on request 

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