Assess Yourself!


Assess to Express Your True Self Effectively

My SpeakStrong Method has two free online communication quizzes for your personal and organizational use.

1. The SpeakStrong Method Communication Style Quiz

Which of the four different communication styles do you favor? Are you a mainly a Visionary? A Likeable? An Achiever? Or perhaps you’re mostly a Meditative. Find out now. Knowing yourself is the foundation for expressing yourself effectively. Discover your leading communication style and the communication habits and tendencies that influence how you express yourself. It’s quick, fun, and helpful. Plus, identifying communication style is an essential first step in my SpeakStrong Method. Take this communication style inventory quiz now to discover your unique type of communication style. 

It’s quick and fun to take. 

2. The Dynamic Leadership Development Assessment

My Dynamic Leadership Development Assessment measures leadership skill and is a useful indicator of leadership potential. This quiz focuses on the skills and communication competencies required in continuous improvement, entrepreneurial and creative workplaces. Use it as a leadership self assessment test, and/or as a leadership feedback tool.

Let these useful quizzes help guide your communication development.

Both assessments can serve as a baseline for your communication development. The first step of The SpeakStrong Method is to get to know yourself in your multi-dimensional nature. If you don’t know yourself, how can you know anything at all?

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