VIDEO: Next! And Other Empowered Ways to Deal with Rejection

Next 300HHow to Use PowerPhrases to Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say and Get What You Want

DVD plus handout by Meryl Runion Rose, a one hour recorded live presentation from the creator of PowerPhrases!

From Meryl: 

“Last year I received a call asking if I would present a session at a conference on the topic of rejection. Apparently the organizer thought I must be some kind of expert on the topic – and she was right!

I remember driving home from the airport so late one Friday night that it was really Saturday AM. I was exhausted and discouraged. It had been a week of painful setbacks. Was it time to throw in the towel, I wondered? But then I realized that what I was doing took courage. I was continuing on in the face of rejection. What my colleagues who made it look so easy were doing was simple compared to what I was doing.

It was then that I latched on to my personal slogan – DARE TO BE ORDINARY! Because the learning curve to being extraordinary can take you through some very ordinary places – filled with self-doubt and rejection. If you ever get discouraged by rejection, this DVD is for you.

This DVD is a live presentation with added handouts. It provides stories you will relate to, exercises you will benefit from and specific action steps to help you turn rejection into a tool for success rather than an obstacle.

I’m lighthearted and good-natured in this presentation, but I’m also completely serious about providing tools to weather rejection.”

DVD video price: $19.75

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