VIDEO: The Difference Between Lightning Bugs & Lightning Bolts

Bolts Bugs 300HHow to Use PowerPhrases to Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say and Get What You Want

DVD plus handout from Meryl Runion Rose, A one hour recorded live presentation from the creator of PowerPhrases!

Mark Twain says that the difference between the perfect words and the almost perfect words is like the difference between lightning bugs and lightning bolts. This entertaining one-hour workshop tells you how to turn your words into lightning bolts of communication that say what you mean and mean what you say and get you what you want.

  • Learn the eight lame excuses that you use to avoid speaking up.
  • Discover what the riskiest conversations are.
  • Understand how the three brains operate and how that affects word choice.
  • Hear about the six secrets of PowerPhrases in action.
  • Discover a simple formula to capture what you want to say.
  • Watch a live presentation of The Legend of Mighty Mouth…

And so much more…

DVD video price: $19.75

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