Speaking Strong isn’t for the lazy

lazy cat lying on sideWhy don’t you SpeakStrong? Could you just be lazy?

 What? You?

The first step in The SpeakStrong Method is to seek significance. To find significance you need to stop doing what you’re doing and see what is as is.

And for some of us, that means discovering a little laziness. 

Since I use myself as a laboratory, I’ll share some of my own discoveries. 


When I first admitted how passive I was, I also discovered that I preferred for others to take responsibility for me, my decisions, and my life. Pretty lazy! Then, I could blame when it didn’t work out. Fun, huh!

After that, I discovered that I would swallow the words at the end of my sentences. It was hard to hear my final words. I made my listener strain to understand. I don’t do that anymore. But what do I still do?

  1. I still catch myself not taking the time to be as clear as I can be. I don’t focus enough to find the word that will say it best.
  2. I notice I’ll shift my focus before I end an email and don’t stay aware of my final words. I do that in blog posts, too. (Not this one!)
  3. I still catch myself being vague in the hope other will think things through for me so I don’t have to. 

How about you? Where does laziness keep you from really Speaking Strong? Or are you feeling a bit too lazy to ask yourself?

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