November 2010

Your Soul Means Business when Your Heart Leads the Way

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Say Something Significant: Character-based communication that works

Find the HEART of business communication

Your soul means business when your heart leads the way
Why nice people CAN succeed in business
When the paved road crumbles: how to stay true to your character in crisis
Beyond blame: the dos and don’ts of responsibility

The Speak Strong Method: Find the HEART of Effective Communication Skill

Stop, drop and notice: why you need to step back to step in
Say what you mean: how the pondering process can distill your message to it’s essence
Mean what you say: The Power of the Pledge
Don’t be mean when you say it: why polishing your message is good for it’s soul
Impart with HEART: the fine art of being Honest, Eloquent, Accountable, Responsive AND Transformative all at once.
Grow with the flow: why you never really arrive and you never really want to
Leadership development that empowers
The 5 C’s of responsible leadership communication
The difference between management and leadership
Transformational leadership language
Nurture, nudge and sometimes shove: the dos and don’ts of mentoring
The characteristics of a Dynamic Leader

New communication dynamics that transform

From rankism to dynamic dignity
How and why women, gen y and social media are changing the way we relate, influence and succeed
Corporations don’t care, but people do
Fake authenticity in an era of social media
The fine art of writing twit-aphorisms 
Communication alchemy: the power of “yes, and…”
From problem to opportunity: transformational communication.
Lets get personal. Credible communication is collaborative, even when you’re the expert.
You don’t call me old, I don’t call you kid. Intergenerational communication in the workplace. 

Performance management that delivers

The totally integrated performance system
The dos and don’ts of character-based performance reviews
How to give feedback with HEART
Impart with HEART: How to tell someone they smell bad at work
Grow with the flow: How to turn a performance challenge into an opportunity.
Expressions of the entrepreneurial employee
The conversations about conversations that empower entrepreneurial employees 
The character base of an entrepreneurial employee
How to tell the boss he’s wrong
How to ask for a raise 
How assistants gain respect, recognition and results

Effective communication skills for dynamic professionals

Some boats need to be rocked: How to SpeakStrong when the stakes are high
Reasonableness is your best revenge: how to escalate without turning up the heat
How to turn passive-aggressive behavior into a dynamic communication opportunity
Personal Brand Aid: how to clarify and communicate your uniqueness
The secret power of feeling: how to dynamize your words with emotional honesty

Say Something Significant: Character-based communication that works Read More »

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The Woman Behind the Method

Meryl seated color top-300H

I Works With Words Because Our Voices Matter

Hi. I’m Meryl Runion Rose. It pains me when good hearted and wise people are unable to speak the truth – unable to influence a situation. I’m talking about myself here sometimes too. When I know my input is just what a situation needs, it’s important to be able to give it. 

I earned an MSCI, and a CSP. I identify more with my perspective as a Communication Alchemist. I know the power of words. Do you? I created The SpeakStrong Method so the power of our words can work for us, not against us. I write and speak about dynamic, authentic, effective communication skills. You can’t be an effective communicator without practicing communication alchemy.

I go brain-dead when communication doesn’t ring true – mine or anyone else’s. I use that response as a signal to practice Communication Alchemy – to go deep instead of cheap and find words to bring the conversation back to life.

My readers know me mainly by my “Perfect Phrases” and my “PowerPhrases“, but there is a lot more to my SpeakStrong Method than that: as any good alchemist would know.

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Out of the Darkness

If I could find my voice, anyone can. (Not that I’ve arrived – it’s a process.) I’ve come such a long way… from not knowing how to ask for the time of day to being able to navigate difficult conversations so skillfully everyone forgets they’re difficult. Not that I bat 1000. But I marvel at how simple so many formerly tough conversations have become.  

I graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Political Science and received a Masters in the Science of Creative Intelligence from MERU European Research University. I’m certified in Lean Office and practice what I’ve learned in my own business. I started working in government and quickly gravitated toward acquiring and teaching personal development skills. My commitment to powerful communication was galvanized in 1986 when I was unable to penetrate my late husband’s denial when he developed cancer. 

Now I’m a “recovered passive.” I became “a woman on a mission” to learn to say things gracefully with impact (that’s an example of alchemy). I developed The Speak Strong Method to empower people to “say what they mean, mean what they say, without being mean when they say it.“ 

Alchemy is: a power or process of transforming something common into something special. The specialness comes from synergy. Communication Alchemy finds dynamic synergy in otherwise ordinary communication, kind of like how a great cook can make magic happen in the kitchen with a few ordinary ingredients.

I live in Cascade, Colorado, where I write, dance with abandon, hike, and help people say things. I LOVE capturing the essence of a message in the perfect phrase.

I’d like to help you and your organization SpeakStrong.  

Here’s a video to tell you more about what I do. 


This video gives you a taste of my message. It was at the closing session of the Emergency Nurses’ Association.


Let me know what I can do for you!


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