How to Delight a Client in 30 Seconds


A simple communication can go a long

My new webmaster emailed to tell me he would be out of the office for the last two days of the week and wondered if I needed help with anything before he left.

There is so much involved in implementing a new site, that he knew I was likely to need him.

Vendors and consultants often disappear in the middle of projects without warning, so I don’t know if I will get help from them or need to find other resources. Lack of follow-through and consistency are common barriers to effective communication. In fact, it’s so common that when I told a friend what Al had done, he marveled. It’s the kind of quality customer service you would hope would be customary, but isn’t.

In fact, I didn’t have any pressing questions, but the email told me he’s on my team. It probably took him 30 seconds to write the email, and it resulted in not only my delight, but my kudos

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