Barrier #2: Common violent language

check markMy friend mentioned that he was slammed that afternoon. Running the risk of being a PIA, I said it sounded painful. He replied that it was all good. I suggested there would have to be a better word than slammed for being busy with work you enjoy. He came back with,

“I’m going to be spinning the wheels of commerce and industry at a break neck pace until sometime this afternoon.  Driving commerce in a manner not heretofore known.”

Clever, but still sounds violent. Broken necks and driving commerce create strong visuals. 

If you think I’m being picky, you’re right. But our Izzies (reptilian brainlets) hear everything and react. The words we choose do matter. I don’t let my own response to be more violent than the words I note – I’m always lighthearted about it. But I do believe the words we choose affect us, and I like doing business in a non-violent way. 

He liked my replacement words. I said: “You’re not slammed, you’re highly engaged. And you’re not driving commerce at break-neck speed, you’re attracting business at the speed of light.”  

What’s keeping you busy?             

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