What’s up with Meryl and SpeakSTRONG?

The news about effective communication skillI’ve been at a loss for words because I’ve had so much to say. I went for many years sending out a newsletter each week, but have been very intermittent lately because I’ve been creating a new foundation.

As some of you know, last spring I had a major set-back that I vowed to turn into an opportunity. Life threw me lemons and I’ve been busy making lemonade. I kept putting one foot in front of another – kept moving forward – and now, finally, things are coming together. I’m about ready to come up for air and relaunch.

I had five new book releases this year. I’m working on another book now, with Susan Fenner at IAAP. (International Association of Administrative Porfessionals.) Susan is amazing, brilliant and fun. 

Most exciting is I have a new structure for my SpeakSTRONG Method that makes my information much more accessible than before. I have more clealy defined the style of communication I teach. You can learn about that in my SpeakSTRONG Method Handbook

I am launching programs to take people through the steps of Speaking STRONG one step at a time. I’m clear – this style of communication isn’t for everyone – but it is for me – and maybe for you? I know are plenty of people value it, too. 

If you’re reading this, you’re seeing my new site. It’s a Joomla site, and I’m really enjoying discovering the new bells and whistles. Joomla is an open source content management system that allows non-techies like me to do interesting things. I invite you to catch the errors as you enjoy the information. Please pass your ideas along. 

It’s been and continues to be a huge learning curve. Now the tide is turning and I’m ready to show what I’ve been up to. This post is just a beginning. The fact that it feels right to be posting it now is wonderfully exciting for me. I hope it is exciting for you, too. This is just the beginning of a new me, and for many of you, I would like it to be the beginning of a new you, too. In fact, I’m offering a free introductory webinar to talk about how to create a communication makeover for 2011. Join me, will you?

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