Holiday Highlights – what makes the holidays special for you?

specialHooray! The days are getting longer again! No matter how any of us celebrate the holidays, we share that experience. Even so, we each have our own relationship to the season. For example, I just received an invitation to a potluck dinner celebrating the longest night of the year. I thought it was the shortest day! I love to ask people:

  • What makes the holidays special for you?

Eyes light up when people tell me.

So how about it? What makes the holidays special for you? What makes your eyes light up and your heart soar? What traditions add sweetness, what memories bring joy, sorrow or deepenings?

One of my friends and her husband don’t give each other big gifts but leave little things stashed – like a duckie for the hot tub, hidden in the freezer. Little surprises – little love tokens. Life is good, isn’t it?

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