Take your communication off steroids and empower your voice in 2011

exclamation_point_iconIs your communication on steroids? Much of our communication is these days. Our language is inflated, hyped and accelerated.

We have lofty titles, embellished bios and evaluation systems that are so aggrandized that to give someone four out of five points is considered being critical.

My friend Wanda faced this issue when someone asked her to give his book a five-star review on Amazon.. She liked the premise, but found it a bit difficult to read. She would gladly give it a four star review. And to put that into context, she told me she would only give her own book three stars if she were to review it. But no – only five stars would do. 

Then there’s the frenetic, give it to me yesterday aspect of our language. We have an artificial urgency that keeps us racing around at “breakneck speed” until – guess what – we break.

Let’s pull the plug. Let 2011 be the year we take our communication off steroids. Let’s find our true voices behind the noise. It’s a communication makeover that is really about uncovering the natural empowerment that comes from sincere communication. 

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