Six Ways to Get More Respect on Beliefnet published an article I wrote last week about how to get more respect for your personal development plans. You do get an ad when you click the link – which you can click skip for.

I’ve summarized the points for you below. We’ll go into much greater depth about it at my New Year New You part 2 Webinar. 

  1. Create a clear vision. Picture what you and your life will be like once you’ve implemented your resolution. Make your vision detailed and concrete.

  2. Commit to action. Before you tell anyone what you intend to do, decide what steps you will take to achieve it.

  3. Identify your reasons. Make a list of benefits that motivate you to change.

  4. Anticipate objections. Anticipate the protests, belly-aching and doubts that are likely to come your way.

  5. Share your plans with prepared phrases. Have the phrases ready to use, and adapt as needed.

  6. Ask for support outright. Say something like, “I’d really like you to help me succeed here. Can I count on you for support?

Read the whole article here.

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