Communication Barrier #4: Assuming others see what you see

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I see connections other people miss.

For example, I see the individual and organizational communication as following the same principles, patterns and dynamics. For me, it doesn’t matter much if an example comes from work or from home. I automatically see how the principle applies in other arenas.

Here’s what I miss. I miss the fact that what is so clear to me is not as clear to others. I’ve learned to state the connection clearly. If I give a PowerPhrase to win trust in communicating with a spouse, I now clarify how to use it at work. I developed the habit of writing about the connections that I used to think were implicit but aren’t. That’s how I overcome Effective Communication Barrier #4: Assuming others see what you do.

What connections are obvious to you and not to others? There are plenty of things that I miss that are obvious to others. How can you help me – and others – see those things?

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