One entrepreneur publicly declares her intention to learn to SpeakSTRONG in 2011

WordStream PublishingInstead of publicly declaring to lose ten pounds or to quit smoking, (of course, she never started,) one business owner publicly declared her intention to learn to SpeakSTRONG in 2011, in part to help her meet the unique challenges she faces as a woman entrepreneur. 

Marti Williams posted about her resolution in her blog titled Speaking Strong in the New Year.

Marti and I have had the pleasure and privilege of Speaking Strong with each other many times in 2010. We’ve also recalibrated our relationship to each other on a few occasions, to both of our satisfaction. We’ve navigated through twists and turns in priorities, unforeseen business events and shifts, and continually tweaked how we relate to each other in mutually beneficial ways. Marti does me the honor of letting me be a part of her communication transformation – and she is an essential part of mine. 

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