Brene Brown Discovers that Authenticity Isn’t Right or Wrong but it Is Neccesary

You wouldn’t think learning to be vulnerable and authentic would be so difficult, but it is. It’s also necessary to experience love and feel worthy. This is a great Ted talk. Speaking STRONG is about standing up for your whole and true self – in a way that gains your respect and recognition. 

Enjoy this powerful – and authentic – talk by Brene Brown on Ted. As a child of academia, I like the idea that so many researchers are considering personal experience as a legitimate and important area to pursue. I love the people who take the time to seriously study these things and to quantify them. I also know that often research spends a lot of money to prove things we can figure out with a little observation. 

Brown advocates letting yourself be really seen. Confident people, she says, are whole-hearted and vulnerable. I knew that! I’m glad she took the time to prove it!

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