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Are generational differences in your workplace causing poor quality, low productivity and constant conflict?  Discover how “SpeakStrong Generations” enables you and your staff to reframe perceptions and unite the strengths of multiple generations in your workplace to improve your bottom line. 

For the first time in our history, today’s workforce is composed of managers and staff from four and even five different generations. These generational differences in the workplace are creating new management challenges as well as opportunities.

Does your multigenerational workplace feel like a mine field?

In many multi-generational workplaces managers don’t have to scratch far below the surface to find the judgement, dismissiveness and conflict between age-diverse generations. The communication issues are like land mines waiting for a simple misstep to create a massive explosion of conflict and discord.  I developed the SpeakStrong Generations age-diversity in the workplace training program because I raised the generation issue briefly during a communication seminar on an Army base. The Army had me back repeatedly to facilitate intergenerational communications in several different workplace environments. The Army was so pleased with the improved communications in their multigenerational teams that they ask me to design a multigenerational mentoring program to instill age-diverse communications into their standard operation procedures.  

Do boomers need to learn how to communicate effectively with the gen x and gen y’s? Only if success matters.

Boomers can sit back and judge, criticize and dismiss their younger colleagues – but they do it at their own peril and the peril of the organizations they work for. Judging, criticising and dismissing gen x and gen y’s is a fast track to becoming irrelevant. Gen x and gen y’s hold a piece of the puzzle of how to move into the future. 

Do gen x and gen y’s need to learn how to communicate with the boomers? Only if you care success matters. 

Gen x and y can sit back and judge, criticize and dismiss their elder colleagues – but they do it at their own peril and the peril of the organizations they work for. Judging, criticizing and dismissing boomers is a fast track to repeating mistakes that can be avoided. Boomers hold a piece of the puzzle of how not to repeat the mistakes of the past. 

From collision to collusion – have the conversations that will get you tapping into the productivity of all ages

Do you want other generations to listen to you? Have real conversations. Have conversations that don’t whitewash the challenges, but dive into the issues and then take you beyond them. 

Intergenerational training that is based on putting people in categories and applying formulas won’t get you the kind of openings that real, collaborative, facilitated dialog can. Do you want to know how to talk to, work with and influence another generation? Ask the experts. No, not me. I’m an expert in authentic, collaborative conversations. The experts are the members of each generation themselves. I can help you ask the right questions that will help you deal with the challenges authentically. 

Why do you need intergenerational training and facilitation? 

Your workplace contains a wealth of untapped genius that gets squandered by petty and unnecessary intergenerational squabbles. Training and facilitation can improve productivity with enhanced communication, collaboration and problem solving.

Jump ahead of your competition with new ideas and innovative solutions that can only be realized with the collaborative engagement of all generations. 

Hire – and retain – the best and brightest employees. Give them a workplace culture that will allow them to shine. 

Create an advantage for your business by uniting the strengths of each generation into powerful, stable teams. Sound impossible? It’s not. 

The SpeakStrong Approach – Hands-on Engagement with Fast, Lasting Results

Little about the SpeakSTRONG approach to intergenerational training is theoretical. This is an intergenerational engagement program that invites, inspires and sometimes pushes people to show up authentically. That means putting all the barriers to effective intergenerational communication on the table and untangling them one at a time. No one gets to dial it in. Everyone owns the problem and the responsibility for a solution. 

It starts with the complaints. It moves to the desires. It continues to the solution until every person in the room owns a piece of the task of creating a workplace where generations support each other for the success of the organization. 

Get the generations collaborating. It’s the key to success in today’s workplace. 

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