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SpeakSTRONG NEWSLETTER February 2, 2011

Meryl Runion, Creator of the SpeakSTRONG Method

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What are your communication pet PEEVES and pet PRACTICES?

grumpySarcasm is on the top of my communication pet peeve list. What’s on the top of yours? True collaborative input is on the top of my pet practice list: when people share their observations and expertise in ways that enhance my perspective without negating it. What’s at the top of yours? Submit your communication pet peeves and practices and if I get more than ten I’ll set them up for a vote. The winners will get free subscriptions to my Say What You Mean eCourse.

Read more and submit your pet peeves and practices here.

The “I” in team. Show up, own up, speak up and care

IWhomever said there is no “I” in TEAM did us a great disservice. There should be. Team used to be spelled “teme”, so there there was a “me” in team… once upon a time. A true dream team blends the individual “me,s” with the group “we”.

Show up. Invite every member of your team, partnership and network to show up completely as well. Insist if that’s what it takes. If I could wave my wand and create a new term for team, it would be “WeMe”.

 Read the complete post and comment here.

Tomorrow’s Collabra Cadabra webinar will talk about how to get people to show up and care on your teams. How to have partnerships where everyone is a part, not apart. Join us. 

Free Webinar Series

Web-based training with phone option with local numbers. Great topics – at least I’m excited about them.

Tomorrow: COLLABRA CADABRA. COMMUNICATION AGREEMENT MAGIC.Feb 3rd, 11 AM Mountain, 1 PM Eastern. Duration 1 hour. More info/register

Feb 10th 11 AM Mountain 1 PM Eastern More info/Register

Feb. 16, 11 AM Mountain, 1PM Eastern More Info/register

Would you like any of these webinars custom tailored and presented to your group, team or orgainzation? Contact me.

Reader question

Meryl – I love your website, but wonder do you want me to tell you when I find typos?

Response – Absolutely. I have a great proof-reader, but I have a 700 page website, and I keep creating. Please give me all the content feedback and suggestions you wish to. Send tehm, ahem – I mean them – to MerylRunion(at)SpeakStrong.com


 PowerPhrase: Administrative deadlines

Power PhrasesToo many managers figure the deadline is ten minutes before a project is due, forgetting that it takes time for admins and office pro’s to put final touches on them. Get managers used to the phrase “administrative deadline”. That term make the need to allow time for finalization concrete.

  • If the drop-dead deadline for this is (date) the administrative deadline needs to be (date). 

Use the term administrative deadlines until you hear others use it, too. That’s your signal that your part in the success of projects is acknowledged and understood. 

Read and comment

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I help you say what you mean and mean what you say without being mean with you say it. With free resources such as newsletters, free web tools, webinars and blog posts to keynotes, training and coaching I can help you and your company develop effective communication skills. Contact me for more information.

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