There is no “I” in team but there should be

IWhoever said there is no “I” in TEAM did us a great disservice. There should be an I. Team used to be spelled teme, so there there was a “me” in team… once upon a time. A true dream team blends the individual me’s with the we.

If you don’t bring your “I” (eye) to your team, the team misses out. Sometimes I have to shake my team members (including myself) to get us to show up in our own greatness. Don’t defer. Yes, listen and seek to understand before you try to improve on something, but if you have an idea, share it. If your idea is “dumb” – meaning you don’t understand, even if you “should” understand, clarify. If something isn’t clear to you, chances are it isn’t to others either. 

And don’t try to be good. Yes, be graceful when you differ, but don’t fill an imagined role of the “perfect team member”. Every team member shapes the team. You get a Michael Jordon on a team and the whole dynamic shifts. Even the less celebrated members shape the team. 

Show up. Be a TeMe member. There is no “I” in team, but there used to be a “me”, and there still should be. If I could wave my wand and create a new term for team, it would be “WeMe”. 

Tomorrow’s Collabra Cadabra webinar will talk about how to get people to show up and care on your teams. How to have partnerships where everyone is a part, not apart. Join us. 

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