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February 9, 2011

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Meryl Runion
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February 9, 2011

Meryl Runion, Creator of the SpeakSTRONG Method

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From pet peeves to best practices.

Girl phoneWe received many wonderful pet peeves last week – but few pet practices. Kudos to the two who posted about how others communicate that they like.

It didn’t surprise me – human nature seems to focus on what we don’t want over what we do. That’s part of why it takes time to develop really effective communication skills. Translating negatives into positives is an important step in the SpeakSTRONG Method. Please post your favored practices here. If it helps, start by typing, I love it when… or I love the way…

I’ll start. I love the way Bob gently tells me when I do things that inconvenience him and asks me to do things differently. Even if it’s the hundredth time he’s asked me to put something back where I found it, he is graceful in his reminder. I love the way Angela keeps me updated and turns mistakes into learning opportunities. I love the way Evan inspires me to be my best self – and how Wendy tells me what she’s going to do and then does it. I love it when people joke when we do business together – without compromising effectiveness. I love when people are on my team – including readers – and tell me things they think I should know.

The pet peeves are satisfying to talk about. The pet practices are inspiring and heartening to share. What are yours? I’ll post them for a vote with a free eCourse subscription to the winners. 


Note from Meryl: Webinar engagement

Webinars are easy. You register, go to the site or call, listen and watch for anwebinar engagement hour and you’re done. That ease can also mean there’s little engagement. My set-up allows for questions, and every one I receive adds value. But it’s not like meeting in person.

Yesterday I gave a webinar for an outside group that had no feedback at all. When it was over, I had no idea how many people were on. Weird.

My communication webinars are for you. The more I hear from you, the more I can create events that meet your needs and help you achieve your goals. This week I will meet with colleagues to talk about what I can do to invite more engagement. Your ideas matter, too. For example, one woman suggested I create a way to download an outlook reminder. I learned how to do that and have it now.

I invite you to be a part of the team that makes this webinar exploration and venture successful. More to come – and your ideas are welcome at any point.


Two Free Webinars Coming SOON! Style and Meetings

Thursday, February 10th, 11 AM Mountain 1 PM Eastern More info/Register

Wednesday, February 16th, 11 AM Mountain, 1PM Eastern More Info/register

Would you like any of these webinars custom tailored and presented to your group, team or organization? Contact me.

Reader question: Internet time

Meryl, I have a great direct report who spends a lot of time on the internet. Weicon for Questions have guidelines about internet use and another director complained to me about how much she is on it. She gets her work done well, and volunteers for projects, so it’s not a performance issue. She complains about being bored.

Response – Clearly the real issue is keeping her busy and using her talents, so while you could force her to follow the guidelines and you may need to, I suggest you focus on redirecting her interests. Something like:

  • I can tell we’re not using you to potential because you’re over guidelines on internet use. Let’s brainstorm projects for you until we come up with ideas that will keep you too busy to hang out there long.

  • It doesn’t make sense to me to require you to follow the internet guidelines when you’re getting all your work done, but I might have to. How can we resolve this? I have ideas, but I’d like to hear yours first.


 PowerPhrase: Progressive partnerships

Power PhrasesI accepted a request to mentor someone in an association I belong to, but wasn’t really comfortable with the term mentoring. Then I remembered what the Army calls the mentoring program I worked with them to develop. They call it:

  • Progressive partnerships

The Army created a program that recognized the fact that learning goes both ways, even when one person has much more experience than the other. So my mentee and I talked about the wording and agreed to a progressive partnership model for our new relationship.


About Meryl Runion and SpeakSTRONG

I help you say what you mean and mean what you say without being mean when you say it. With free resources – from newsletters, free web tools, webinars and blog posts to keynotes, training and coaching – I can help you and your company develop effective communication skills. Contact me for more information.

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