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Feb. 11, 2011

Rude? Stupid? Or beyond busy?

Vote on Pet Peeves

Strategic Meeting Planning Webinar

Reader question

PowerPhrase for recovering from too much selling

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Meryl Runion
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February 15, 2011

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Rude? Stupid? Dismissive? Or beyond busy?

overworked_thumbI hear people complain that we’ve become rude as a society. Some of what seems rude could be a “busyness” world that has gone beyond busy.

I hear people complain that we’ve lost our ability to think critically. Some of what seems to be a lack of critical thinking could be the result of a “busyness” world that has gone beyond busy.

The need for speed requires us to be more clear and more engaging in our communication than ever. We can complain about how difficult it is to be heard above the noise. Or we can adjust. We can make it easy for people to give us what we want and we can be as clear as possible. We can do our homework before we open our mouths and use phrases that cut through the fog. That’s what the people who are succeeding in this new economy are doing. Think someone is being rude, stupid or dismissive? Maybe they are. Or maybe they need to do business with people who understand their busy-ness world and communicate accordingly. 

Not everyone can or is willing to do that. If you can, you have a competitive advantage. 


What Pet Peeves Do You Relate to Most? Survey to Vote

checkVote now on the reader communication pet peeves. Pass the survey on to your friends and ask them to vote too. I summarize the contributions in the survey. The winner gets a free subscription to my eCourse. You can read the full contribution here.



Strategic Meeting Planning Webinar

webinarWeb-based training with phone option with local numbers. Great topics – at least I’m excited about them!

Let Wendy Mack show you what to do before that strategic meeting to get the very best results.

Wednesday, Feb. 16, 11 AM Mountain, 1PM Eastern
More Info/register

Last week I presented my “Look Who’s Talking” Webinar. I covered a lot of ground very quickly. The main point is the importance of speaking to head, heart and will by being clear, engaging and motivating. I will schedule more in depth webinars for all three once I get caught up on other obligations.

Would you like any of my webinars custom-tailored and presented to your group, team or organization? Contact me.

Reader question: Tangential Exec

Note: this question came from the webinar last week. question

Meryl, with one of my executives, I find myself completely lost until about 3/4 through the conversation because he will be talking about one subject and then jump to another one. How do I keep up and make sure we’re communicating appropriately?

Response – Note the difference in styles. Something like:

  • You have a remarkable ability to go in many different directions and then tie it all back in to your central point. My mind works more in a straight line that yours does, so sometimes I get lost. Would you be okay if I interrupt you when I stop following you?


 PowerPhrase: Sorry – I got excited and started talking too much about myself

Last week Power PhrasesI read in “The M Factor” about a young man who blew an interview by talking too much. He requested a do-over and apologized, explaining that he had wanted this position so much for so long that he got excited and started talking about himself too much. The CEO gave him a second chance.

Last week I heard author Jill Konrath suggest having a recovery strategy when excitement gets us talking about what we do when it would be more effective to ask what others need. Her advice was similar.

  • Sometimes I get so excited about my work that I talk too much. I apologize. Tell me more about…

It’s great when we get the balance right the first time. When we don’t, it’s useful to have a fall-back strategy.


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