From pet peeves to best practices

From pet peeves to best practices

Girl phoneWe received many wonderful pet peeves last week – but few pet practices. Kudos to the two who posted about ways others communicate that they like.

It didn’t surprise me – human nature seems to focus on what we don’t want over what we do. That’s part of why it takes time to develop really effective communication skills. Translating negatives into positives is an important step in the SpeakSTRONG Method. Please post your favored practices here. If it helps, start by typing, I love it when… or I love the way…

I’ll start. I love the way Bob gently tells me when I do things that inconvenience him and asks me to do things differently. Even if it’s the hundredth time he’s asked me to put something back where I found it, he is graceful in his reminder. I love the way Angela keeps me updated and turn mistakes into learning opportunities. I love the way Evan inspires me to be my best self and how Wendy tells me what she’s going to do and then does it. I love it when people joke when we do business together – without compromising effectiveness. I love when people are on my team – including readers – and tell me things they think I should know.

The pet peeves are satisfying to talk about. The pet practices are inspiring and heartening to share. What are yours?

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