PowerPhrase: I respond more quickly to short emails

powerphrase_icon2I find that when I can reply to an email quickly, I do. If it’s something I need to study or research, I’ll wait to reply, which could take a few days, or in very busy times, longer than that. 

Bob’s the same way. Some clients send him short emails and he answers right away. But if it’s more complex and requires more time, he’ll put it off until he has a block of time, which could take days.

When clients habitually send him long rambling emails, he will let them know. He’ll say,

  • The way my practice works, if I can respond quickly, I do. If it will take more time, I set it aside until I have a block of time. Just so you know.

He found that this information inspires some of his longer-winded clients to be more succinct in their queries. 

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