Some things are worth Speaking Strong for

Some things are worth Speaking Strong for. Other things aren’t. I recently heard a presentation by a speaker who seemed to be all about how to take advantage of current and coming events to pad your own bank account. And how to protect yourself if the world throws itself off a cliff. “Buy gold and bury it in your yard. That way your future ex-wife can’t find it.” This fellow painted a vision that I have no willingness to pursue. I don’t feel inspired to leave my comfort zone to implement his thinking. 

But I also hear speakers who are part of the solution. I belong to communities of people who aren’t just gaming the system for their own personal gain, but sincerely focusing on how to steer the world away from the cliffs. I’ve heard the words “I’ll help in any way I can” many times. They talk about things that are worth Speaking Strong for. 

25 years ago, I shut down when my now late-husband didn’t want to talk about the possibility that he had cancer. His life was well worth Speaking Strong for – but I didn’t have the heart – coeur in French – courage – and I didn’t have the words. Now I do – although it’s not always automatic. 25 years later I still have to nudge myself at times to have the important conversations. I still have to work to find the perfect words. But I know that keeping the world – a company – an office – a family – a friend – myself – from steering itself off a cliff is well worth the effort. That’s especially true when there are lovely green pastures if we only turn to see them. 

Are you a part of something worth Speaking Strong for?

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