Continuous connecting

Some of my phrases come from others. Some come from observation. Some come from deep reflection. And some fall out of my mouth, and I observe, thinking, that was interesting! That was effective!

I’m attending training with people it’s very good for me to network with. I find myself continuously saying things that create a sense of a group. For example, I got in the shuttle and said,

  • Are your my training buddies today?

I referred to my table mates as my

  • table team.

I continuously and spontaneously find myself referring to the people around me in ways that referred to a relationship. Those words create a sense of being a part of a group – and I find it results in dinner invitations with people who might just have included people they already knew, people looking out for my interests and so on. 

I admit, I don’t know what I might say next. But it feels right and has a nice effect, so I won’t interfere with my natural tendencies here.

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