Beyond-Busy Bonus

SpeakSTRONG resources are kind of like having a communication expert on your desk to talk you through the tight spots and sticky situations. PLUS having a personal coach to guide you to the ultimate in communication excellence. 

PowerPhrases! and SpeakSTRONG are foundational resources for your Speaking STRONG Journey. PowerPhrases! gives you the actual words to say in hundreds of situations.SpeakSTRONG gives you communication katas – practices for your continuous communication improvement. 

You don’t even have to read them cover to cover to benefit. Keep them handy for when you need the skills and the words.They’ll give you the tools to handle your conversations in the best possible way. 


Take the next step: Order one or both of these practical resources, and I’ll send you
Cool Tools for Speaking Strong audio and eBook plus printable formulas.

Sample chapters

Dont know which one to get? Get them both – or download sample chapters to decide.

     Sample: PowerPhrases!                                                             Sample: SpeakSTRONG


Take advantage of this special promotion now and find out how easy it can be to communicate effectively, even in our beyond busy world.

Buy PowerPhrases Now > Amazon 800-Ceo-readBN BordersIndieBound
Buy SpeakSTRONG Now > Amazon800-Ceo-readBNBordersIndieBound



Buy PowerPhrases Now > SpeakSTRONG Site
Buy SpeakSTRONG Now > SpeakSTRONG Site

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