PowerPhrase: I’m Challenging that Belief System These Days

Jarla joked about how we make money the old-fashioned way – by working our tails off. Judith replied,

  • powerphrase_icon2I’m challenging that belief system these days.

I like the way Judith’s words gracefully shined a light on the assumptions in Jarla’s remarks. Her words inspired a discussion of how the assumption that we need to work that hard might limit us. Not that any of us don’t want to work or value work. It’s more that… well… I’ll let you reflect on it for a bit. How might that belief system limit our options for success? How might it limit yours?

This post isn’t really about that particular belief system. It’s about ALL the beliefs that are true because we assume they are. For example, one belief I run into is people who believe they can’t say what they mean and mean what they say without being mean when they say it. Sure – there may be reasons why you don’t and consequences if you do, and preparations you would want to make before you live your life communicating that way. But is it possible that you hold yourself back from rich expression because of a belief that deserves challenging?

What belief systems are you ready to challenge? The path of continuous communication improvement is a path of continuously challenging beliefs that limit you – often unnecessarily. 

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