What Kind of Journeys Are You On?

What kinds of journeys are you on?

A lean journey? People in lean manufacturing and management refer to their “lean journeys”. That expression is very telling. The first word you get when you look up the term journey in the thesaurus is adventure. You’ll also find words like exploration and quest and pilgrimage. A journey is about more than getting somewhere. The term indicates that the process of getting somewhere is full of surprises and experiences and awakenings. How you get there is as important as arriving. 

A Speak STRONG journey? The path unfolds with each step. It’s full of surprises, experiences and awakenings. Each step informs the next. You take the first step – speak in a new way – and see what happens. It might be exactly what you hoped for. It might not. You could be very surprised by what happens – which means you learn a lot. Your second step – new communication – is based on what you learn from the first.

A journey isn’t a simple wandering. There is a quest – a search – an exploration. And on this quest, you’re likely to go down some rabbit holes and side trails. You’ll need to find your way back from them. And find your way again.

Lean and Speaking STRONG are journeys. What kind of journeys are you on?

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