What to say at a 25 year memorial celebration

A several hour break in the rain and cloud cover graced our graveside memorial for my late husband’s 25th anniversary of passing. The meeting was an expression of gratitude for the gift of the years we all knew him. We shared memories and perceptions and fondness. I read stories from those who couldn’t David Runion and Meryl Runionbe there. Many were tales I had never heard. Some were of adventures that were really misadventures, but journeys that left us all full of love for the man who had touched us all so many years ago.

I couldn’t let the 25th anniversary of Mike Runion come and go without marking it somehow. It was short and oh so sweet for us all. The clouds cleared for our gathering – in many ways symbolic of how many clouds had cleared in the 25 years since we gathered at that site before.

No regrets. Just gratitude. Not much to say, really. What to say at a 25 memorial of passing?

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What a blessing. This is David Runion, my son, with me after the gathering. 

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