Getting really good at falling

It might not sound like a complement, but it was. Steve told Wendy

  • You’ve gotten really good at falling this year

Steve was referring to cross country skiing.

When you’re good at falling, you dare to stretch past your comfort zone. You’re willing to risk more because you know you can pick yourself back up and move on with little damage. And this principle applies to more than cross-country skiing.

I’ve picked myself up from a number of communication falls lately. I’ve risked truth knowing that my friend or partner might not want to hear what I really was experiencing. I’ve ended a few associations that simply weren’t willing to meet me where I am. I felt some sadness, some relief and much peace.

I also have some amazing wins and breakthroughs. I’ve had moments of dazzling clarity, joyful shared discovery and satisfying connections. 

I think I’m getting really good at falling. How about you?

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