July 2011

The Ultimate Admin

The Ultimate Administrative Professional

If you like the book, you’ll love the training.

Essential management skills for administrative excellence

Where Can your Administrative Excellence Take You?

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Just because you don’t have the title “Manager” in front of your name doesn’t mean that you’re not using executive-worthy managerial skills in your position—or that having strong managerial skills isn’t a benefit to your boss and your team.

In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states on its web site that more than ever before, admins are now assuming responsibilities that were once reserved for managerial staff.

Few office positions prepare you for upward mobility in your organization or let you show off your skills and talents like an administrative position does—if you do it right.

So how do the very top administrative pros at the hottest companies get respect, recognition and results in today’s workplace—and how can you do it too?

Upgrade, reconfigure and reboot your career with ideas, phrases and practices that will turn you into the ultimate administrative professional at The Ultimate Administrative Professional Training Camp. Brush up on basics that can make or break a career—and develop the advanced skills that distinguish the ultimate administrative professionals from their less accomplished, stuck-in-a-rut colleagues.

Management Skills for the Ultimate Administrative Professional

Management means controlling or directing affairs. And guess what? Whether your job title or description has the word manager in it or not, “managing” is a huge part of your job. You manage your manager, you manage projects and you manage your own workload. Your effectiveness and value to your manager, teams and organization depend on your ability to manage it all well.

From Adequate to Ultimate
(Be Indispensable and Promotable)

Covey calls it interdependence. Jung calls it individuation. Abraham Maslow calls it self-actualization. Whatever you call it, to be the ultimate administrative professional, you have to stand in your own personal and professional power in ways that bring out the best from everyone around you.

Ultimate Admins do more than just “get the job done.” They aren’t just organized multi-taskers who “assist” with office tasks. Ultimate Admins are the office linchpins who help connect the dots and keep the office running “like butter.” Very few people have the same vantage point that you have—able to see how departments work together.

At the same time, few positions have the same level of risk that Ultimate Admins have. You communicate with everyone in the company, making communication skills and diplomacy vital to your career success.

Ultimate Admins are key players in any successful organization—the ones who know how to rise to each occasion, despite the twists, turns and curveballs a modern office throws at them. They have the vision and initiative to lead through uncertainty, know where the answers are, and the confidence to apply their expertise when urgent situations need them to act.

Does that sound like you? Does it sound like someone you could be and want to be?

That’s how—and why—Ultimate Admins advance while others struggle just to get by in today’s competitive business world.

And that’s why now there’s the Ultimate Admin Training Camp to help you reach your fullest potential as an administrative professional.

Ultimate Administrative Professional Training Camp

This dynamic training program is packed with practical “how-to” skills and advice you can apply immediately to your job and your career. And every practical tool comes with leadership empowerment tools, so that you can be an Ultimate Admin who gets respect, recognition and results.

Join acclaimed author, speaker and trainer Meryl Runion, author of Perfect Phrases for Office Professionals, for The Ultimate Administrative Professional Training Camp. This comprehensive two-day training camp actually teaches you Meryl’s signature Ultimate Admin Proficiency Process for taking action and becoming the Ultimate Admin that you want to be—and that your office needs.

Do you want everyone around you to see you as more than just the “administrative assistant”? Do you want to know what to say and what to do in nearly every situation in your office?

Meryl’s 11 Ultimate Admin Proficiencies give you an 11-point action plan and checklist for daily successes in your administrative professional career, such as:

  • Establishing your place on your team
  • Leading and managing your manager (or managers)
  • Managing multiple managers and internal customers
  • Communication for every situation—and every person
  • Dealing with uncomfortable and unethical behavior
  • Being the office innovator

You’ll walk out knowing what to do AND say to take your career to the next level. Plus, there will be plenty of time for best practice sharing and the thinking that’s behind best practices, so that you are empowered to get up-to-date and stay up-to-date in all aspects of administrative excellence.

Capitalize on your position, your role, and your talents by upgrading your skills at The Ultimate Administrative Professional Training Camp. Reserve your own spot today!

Who will benefit:

  • Administrative assistants
  • Executive assistants
  • Office professionals
  • Secretaries
  • Support staff
  • Office managers
  • Office team members

Learning Objectives:

  • Be an Ultimate Admin
  • Develop the qualities of administrative excellence
  • Be the linchpin of your teams and organization
  • Manage your manager, your colleagues and your workday
  • Get more done with less—faster
  • Enjoy your job more than ever before
  • Manage the seemingly unmanageable
  • Stay current to meet the demands of your profession

Don’t waste time learning the ‘tricks of the trade’. Instead, learn the trade.  ~James Charlton


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Or call me – Meryl – at 719-684-2633

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A Communication Skill Issue? Or a Character Flaw?

Does that person whose communication drives you crazy have poor communication skills, or character flaws? The best phrases in the world won’t help people who use power plays or manipulation to build collaborative communication. Yes, they’ll win a few battles, but at what price? Even those who give in know on some level they’ve been played.

I’m not just talking about the bullies here. I’m talking about the victims, too. The ones who act powerless to get what they want. It doesn’t feel any better to recognize that you can’t have an authentic conversation because the person on the other end collapsed into helplessness than to recognize that you can’t have an authentic conversation because the person on the other end rallied into power plays. 

If you’re having trouble getting to clarity for either reason, ask – is it a communication issue? Or a character issue?

You don’t need to put them on the couch and analyze them. Don’t play therapist or clergy. Just examine your own character and decide that you won’t let manipulation and power plays determine outcome. Reaffirm your commitment to authentic communication and keep refocusing the conversation to the essence. Show that your commitment to being fact-based and truthful is stronger than theirs to manipulate. Some will go away – but others will show up. A phrase I like because it’s genuine and powerful is,

  • I’m having this conversation because I want to be able to relate to you on an authentic level. It would be easier for me to ignore it when your words don’t ring true – but that would keep us on the surface. I’m not willing to do that. 

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Albus Dumbledore on Truth

“The truth is a beautiful and terrible thing,

and therefore should be treated with great caution.”


Albus Dumbledore


SpeakingSTRONG requires skill and deliberate choices. There is a fine art to truthing. Brutal honesty is a cop-out. Elegant honesty enhances the beauty and reduces the terribleness of truth.

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PowerPhrase About Late Arrival to a Meeting

When Nancy did not show up on time for the meeting, her associates started without her, even though Nancy was supposed to present. Nancy arrived fifteen minutes late and listened as someone else explained the plan that Nancy had been scheduled to present.

powerphrase_icon2After the meeting, one of Nancy’s team members asked why she was so late. Nancy’s reason was more of a lame excuse, so the team member explained,

  • Some of the busiest people here made time to be available at the time you agreed to. By coming late you made a statement that you don’t value their time. That’s not a message you want to send.

Later in the conversation Nancy asked a few questions explaining that she wanted to be sure not to disappoint again. Clearly the message was received. 

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Quote: The Price of Losing the Rule of Law

“Losing the rule of law is too great to call it a mere excess.

It is a catastrophe.

It is the heart, mind and soul between the people and their government.”


~ Tom Ball

The same is true for losing the commitment to truth. I’m sometimes shocked at people’s willingness to overlook obvious distortions and manipulations. I’m not just talking about governance here. 

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