Be a voice, not an echo

Sometimes I lose or can’t find my voice. I’m not talking about laryngitis. I’m talking about being able to speak my own truth. It’s what a mentor of mine calls an authenticity block. There are many reasons for it. It can be that I’m changing, and I haven’t caught up with myself. It can be that I’m interacting with a strong personality whose perceptions overpower mine for a while. speakstrong150Sometimes I get overshadowed by complexity and lose my awareness of the simple truth. Oh – there are times when I prefer not to admit the truth, and that keeps me mute. Whatever the reason, it can be very uncomfortable and take a lot of patience and persistance. 

And then when I find my voice again, it’s like coming back home. I start posting on my blog again. The book that wasn’t flowing starts writing itself. And somehow, the new voice is truer than the old one.

Speaking Strong really is about finding and clearly communicating your own voice. What YOU have to say. What YOU think, feel and want.

You may not have the verbal skills of professional communicators. And it’s okay to let other people’s words jumpstart your own – just as long as what you say is your own. 

I’ll be coming out of my book writing retreat in the weeks to come and engaging with my readers more. My vision is to have a community of people who want to be a voice, not an echo.

I hope you’ll be a part of it. 

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