Goodie for you!

There’s something really nice about receiving an email from a new work affiliate that starts with, 

  • Goodie for you! Another person to work with!

That’s how Jennifer at IAAP opened her email to me explaining what I need to know to tell people how they can get credit toward recertification for training that I offer. I felt like my inquiry was more than welcome.

If her response had been fluff, I wouldn’t have appreciated the tone as much. However, the response was thorough and clear. 

In my research for my book on Virtual Team communication, I read about how “The 100 best companies to work for in America” all share an celebratory feel in normal communication.

Is that cool, or what! We don’t have to leave our playful selves at home. 

That is worthy of celebration! Maybe I’ll celebrate by sending Jennifer a quick email! Goodie for me!

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