Kata Talk

katatalkContinual Improvement Communication Skills
Find your new voice in the world of dynamic growth and change

Does old-school communication block your improvement efforts? 
How could a dynamic new set of communication skills change the way you change?

»Phrases guide kata
      »The kata guide the learning. 
              »The learning leads to advancement.

This one-day onsite or six-week online training features phrases, formulas and kata to help you and your colleagues, employees and team members:

  • work adaptively
  • go from leader-led, to leader-prompted, to leader-full teams
  • get past ego and posturing
  • develop self-efficacy
  • remove obstacles to collaboration
  • coach by clarifying
  • give effective feedback
  • introduce dynamic iterative learning
  • spark synergy and shared learning
  • explore best practices
  • encourage pull communication

And much, much more. With Meryl Runion, CSP, Author of ten books on effective communication skills. Email MerylRunion(at)speakstrong.com


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