SpeakStrong update

To catch you up: Perfect Phrases for Office Professionals phrase book is now available (with Susan Fenner). It’s packed with phrases anyone in a support position can use every day.


I wrote two new books over the summer that are in production now. Perfect Phrases for Icebreakers with Diane Windingland is due out in January, and Perfect Phrases for Virtual Teamwork is due to be released in March. (Now you know why I’ve been so quiet.)

exec-adminI’m also leading a two-day training camp for administrative professionals in Phoenix next month. I hope to see you there. There is still space available.

I created some really great programs for the continuous improvement and lean community, and am moving more deeply into how to use kata – or practices – to communicate in ways that develop problem-solving abilities. You can check out the slides for Kata Talk, the very popular session I presented in a delightful and successful collaboration with Toyota Kata author Mike Rother.


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