Business Benefits of The SpeakStrong Method

What can the SpeakStrong Method do for your company, business or career?

time_moneyImagine being part of a business culture or community where…

  • everyone says what they mean and means what they say without being mean when they say it
  • you don’t need to guard your communication or defend yourself
  • you trust colleagues, associates and community members to understand your intent and the heart of your words
  • and your associates are free to be open with you, because they know you trust their good intent, and understand the heart of what they are saying.


Think about the advantages more effective business communication with more robust information sharing could add to your projects, processes and bottom line.

Where, when mindsets collide, you and your team trust that the miscommunication is an opportunity to learn, adapt and improve. You embrace those opportunities willingly and stay in relationship until you’ve reached the breakthrough hidden in the problems and challenges.

Imagine that in your business associations, everyone knows that no one is as smart as everyone is. And everyone shares a vision of where you are going and how you will approach the journey to get there.

Think about it…

Do you know how to say what you mean and mean what you say – without being mean when you say it? Do the people you communicte with daily know how to say what they mean and mean what they say?

How would that kind of open communication and collaboration skill change the way you relate, influence and succeed?

How would that last meeting have been different if everyone was committed to this kind of innovative and aspiratory communication?

What stands between you and the truth? Ego? Defensiveness? 

What if there was nothing between anyone and the truth?

Can you imagine how much time and money that could save?

Can you imagine how much drama that could eliminate?

Can you imagine how much creativity that could unleash?

What a difference…

The SpeakStrong Method can make the difference between factions competing against each other and informal teams pulling together toward a common outcome.

The SpeakStrong Method can make the difference between entrenchment that causes waste and delays, and fluid communication that leads to rapid improvements.

The SpeakStrong Method can make the difference between reacting to resistance and negativity, creating drama, and finding the hidden value in resistance and negativity, creating understanding and change.

For an admin in Harrison School District, it made the difference between being fired and developing a positive working relationship with her manager.

For a team of nurses at Cardinal Health it made the difference between feeling victimized by someone’s sarcasm and being able to address the issue at the core.

For a CEO in manufacturing, it made the difference between having to have all the answers himself and allowing his management team to contribute in more meaningful ways.

All of these benefits add up to dollars, time saved, and frustration avoided.

These are a few of the business benefits of The SpeakStrong Method.

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