Communication Barrier #1: Lack of vision

Lack of vision due to poor role models? We’ve got that one handled.

communication barrier 1Most people have far more role models of ineffective communication than effective communication. How clear is your picture of what great communication in the real world is? Most people have rarely or never seen how skilled communication can melt resistance, create opportunities and open doors.

Why change if you don’t have a vision to aspire to?

A compelling vision is like a magnet that draws you forward. The pull of a vision lightens the load of every step. Without the picture of what collaborative communication excellence looks like, the communicator lacks direction and will fumble.

The SpeakStrong Method aspires to Third Dynamic Communication. That style of communication is so rare that many of us don’t even know there could be a better way to relate, influence and succeed.

The SpeakStrong Method overcomes this obstacle by providing a compelling communication vision worth striving toward.

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