Communication Barrier #4: Abdication to external authority

The SpeakStrong Method empowers your personal authority

communication barrier 4We receive extensive conditioning to believe that there is a single right answer to every question, and to abdicate to the “voice of (external) authority“. When our own perception and reason contradict what we are told, our subjective observations and experiences are too often negated rather than considered and integrated.

This leads, not only to withholding communication, but refraining from even considering what our own perception and reason tell us. Many people have become so skilled at supporting “consensus reality” that they don’t even know what they think, feel and want.

This dynamic is changing, in many ways due to global competition, Gen X and social media, but needs to change more quickly to keep up with the pace of business today.

The SpeakStrong Method differentiates between declarative communication that affirms a single right answer, and generative communication that allows room for alternative views and the surfacing of data and ideas that don’t align with a dominant theory.

This empowers people to give voice to their own perceptions, which adds to the collective knowledge.

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