7 Communication Barriers

What 7 obstacles to effective communication does The SpeakStrong Method transform into opportunities?

barriers to effective communicationIf the SpeakStrong method is so great, and the technique so natural, why aren’t we all communicating this way already?

What prevents us from communicating according to our vision?

What obstacles keep us from collaborating without compromise for clarity, innovation and success?

The SpeakStrong method identifies and addresses seven obstacles to effective communication. They are:

  1. Lack of vision
  2. Lack of skill
  3. Fear
  4. Abdication to external authority
  5. Perfectionism
  6. Impatience, and
  7. Habit 

Change happens when the pain gets bad enough, the vision is magnetic enough, and the path, including steps to overcome communication obstacles are clear enough. Identifying the obstacles and the price of poor communication is an important step in developing effective communication skills through the SpeakStrong Method.

Are any of these obstacles blocking you?
What is it costing you personally? professionally? 

Don’t let the seven barriers to effective communication keep you from experiencing the full potential of your relationships due to poor communication. 

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