Communication Barrier #3: Fear

How does fear hold you back from expressing your true nature?

communication barrier fearMany people don’t speak up due to fear. Whether your current way of communicating works for you or not, at least it’s familiar.

Communicating in a new way puts you at unknown risks. While often people discover their fears are unfounded, sometimes fear of trekking into unfamiliar territory is an indication that you’re not ready to handle a situation or deal with the potential consequences.

The SpeakStrong Method respects and learns from fear, and develops new skills to move beyond fear to face the unfamiliar with a sense of adventure.

One effective antidote for fear is humor, which is one reason why I have the following “interview” with Bunny Bubbles, the “Acting Director of the Center for Lowered Expectations”.  Enjoy it! You probably know someone who communicates teh way she recommends.  


Excitement is the experience of fear at its best. Skill and experience create a sense of self-efficacy that turn the fear of communicating more authentically and potentially rocking a boat into excitement about possibilities

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