Communication Barrier #5: Perfectionism

The SpeakStrong Method puts perfection in its place

communication barrier perfectionismPerfectionism assumes a single right answer and evaluates expressions and input based on whether they stand as the perfect view or explanation. This inhibits creative communication by critically evaluating undeveloped expressions.

Life is messy sometimes, and it’s those who are willing and able to wade through the messiness who have the breakthroughs that make a difference.

The SpeakStrong Method respects process as much as outcome, and honors even ineffective attempts to communicate at greater levels of authenticity, clarity and sincerity. It uses failed attempts at communication as learning opportunities for the next communication endeavor.

Perfection has its place – as a vision to strive for. Imperfection has its place as well – as a stepping stone toward the next level of authentic expression and understanding.

The SpeakStrong Method puts perfection in its place. 

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