The Method: Principles of the practice

What principles guide The SpeakStrong Method in practice?

principles of the practiceThe practice of the SpeakStrong Method is based on the following principles…

1. A compelling vision is an excellence magnet

2. Customer focus guides communication

3. Improvement is inherent and natural

4. Change happens when the vision is attractive enough and the steps are clear enough

5. Deliberate practice is the basis of improvement

6. Less effort yields greater results as long as it’s focused

7. There is strength in humility

8. Paradox indicates deep understanding

9. Shared visions unify teams and organizations

10. Obstacles are improvement opportunities

11. Great communication integrates three stories

These principles are fundamental to effective, dynamic communication. They are natural and become second nature once you learn to work with them through practice of the SpeakStrong Method. 

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