The Method: Some tools

What tools will you learn as you discover The SpeakStrong Method?

The SpeakStrong Method provides a plethora of tools for your communication journey. There are formulas, phrases and kata for skill development.

Take a look at what we offer.

tools for communication journey

1. Formulas

  • The Ultimate Communication Formula
  • The Make Your C.A.S.E. Formula
  • The F.A.C.E. Your Challenge Formula
  • Get A.D.E.P.T. at saying no

2. Phrases

  • Preformulated phrases
    • Phrases based on profession
    • and situation
    • Phrases based on intention
  • Tools to create your own phrases

3. Kata

  • The Magic Eye exercise
  • The probe
  • Forward focus
  • Stop, start, continue
  • Yes, and…
  • Attitude adjustment
  • Sarcasm fast
  • “Yes” fast
  • Pass the problem
  • Three questions
  • ABCD
  • Attractor factor
  • The gift that keeps on giving

These are just a few of the kata or practices available to the SpeakStrong Method practitioner. Each application provides data and direct experience for designing a new practice for the next step in the ongoing journey toward communication excellence.

Here’s a slideshare presentation about Communication Kata.

Communication kata

View more of my slideshare presentations

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