Conference Communication Keynote Sandwich

Phrases and tips to get the most out of your convention or event experience

Conference attendees face two communication challenges – how to productively interact with other participants and how to talk about the event experience and communicate changes based on their learning when they return to their offices. Meryl Runion helps event attendees face both challenges.tusconphoto2

Let Meryl open your next conference or event with

  • tips and techniques for effective icebreaking
  • purposeful networking
  • general conference communication wisdom

 Then, let her close your event with

  • a communication summary
  • recommendations of how to effectively talk about new ideas and practices when attendees return from the conference

Meryl will attend the conference events with an ear for highlights that people want to bring home. Her closing will provide examples from the event itself to help people formulate ways to discuss conference material when they return.

Key takeaways from this session pair are:

  • How to initiate “small talk” in a way that leads quickly to productive communication
  • Four things to listen for throughout the conference that will help you address confusion and resistance when you return
  • Why knowing how to talk about what you gained from the conference is as important as what you gained
  • Seven ways to show instead of simply tell people about the conference

Get a conference communication sandwich for your next event. Start your attendees right, with the communcation tools to get the most out of the event. Conclude your event right with the tools to talk about it afterwards. 

“I can’t imagine having an event without this!” – AT

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