Keynote: The Lean Leadership Challenge

While celebrity leadership isn’t considered the road to success anymore, for Lean leaders, it never was.

Celebrities take the limelight. Lean leaders are Leader fielding questionshumble by definition.

Celebrities hang out with the elite. Lean leaders are on the floor directly observing day-to-day processes.

Celebrities live in bubbles that protect them from critical feedback. Lean leaders keep nothing between themselves and the truth – including their own egos.

What is the Lean Leadership Challenge?

Lean leaders establish unity of organizational purpose and direction. They also create and maintain an internal environment where people become fully involved in achieving the organization’s objectives. The Lean leadership challenge is also a challenge of communication excellence.

Communicating Excellence

Lean communication is highly aspiratory. Lean leaders strive to perfect their own communication as they inspire their employees to strive to perfect their processes. Lean leaders are strongest when they:

  • model the way
  • inspire a shared vision
  • challenge the process
  • enable others to act
  • create ways for people to shine

This keynote presentation defines the Lean Leadership Challenge in communication terms, and guides Lean Leaders to embrace Lean Leadership in it’s most comprehensive sense.

Key benefits:

  • Get a practical understanding of what effective lean leadership is
  • Recognize the obstacles to effective lean leadership
  • Know the difference between lean leadership, traditional leadership and management
  • Gain some simple tools to establish trust and eliminate fear
  • Understand and address obstacles to employee engagement to get people to show up and care


If you are facing a Lean Leadership Challenge, contact me, Meryl, about this dynamic presentation. 

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