Are you “too enthusiastic”? Here’s your PowerPhrase.

powerphrase_icon2Have you ever been "accused" of being "too enthusiastic"? I have. 

In excess, our very best traits can also be our worst flaws. But what do you do when you naturally are enthusiastic and people say it’s too much?

If you’re Wanda, you ask,

  •          What would a more appropriate level of enthusiasm look like?

That question got her a useful response. Her client told her the concern was that her enthusiasm would cause her to make light of genuine issues and challenges. People simply needed to know she has critical thinking skills and is capable of having the challenging conversations that the job she was interviewing for requires.

She knew she could, and she demonstrated that quality in subsequent interviews. 

More importantly, by asking for specific information, she was able to clear up something that had confused her for a very long time. She had wondered – how could anyone be too enthusiastic? Now she understood what the deeper concern was. Now she won’t let her enthusiasm make her appear to lack critical thinking skills. (In fact, her skills were sharp enough to tell her that wasn’t the job for her.)

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